Autolet Lancing Device

Improved comfort


Designed to reduce pain during glucose testing.

Autolet® Advanced Lancing Device
featuring Comfort Zone Technology®
Autolet Advanced Lancing Device allows the user to adjust depth settings for optimal blood flow, comfort and control during blood testing. Featuring Comfort Zone Technology and side-activation, this lancing device is designed to reduce pain for a more comfortable sampling experience.

Autolet offers nine adjustable depth settings allowing the users to control the lancet’s penetration depth, to help meet sample requirements while optimizing comfort. The device’s simple, straightforward design also features easy cap removal and lancet release, in addition to auto-priming upon lancet insertion.

Comfort Zone Technology
Independent clinical data1 shows that Comfort Zone Technology reduced pain, resulting in a more comfortable experience. Comfort Zone Technology is comprised of eight raised pressure points on the end of the lancing device. This unique technology sends a signal of comfort to the brain preventing pain messages from being received, which helps to eliminate the pain associated with the fingerstick sample.

Lancing Device Benefits

  • Comfort Zone Technology (CZT) is designed to reduce pain during sampling1
  • Easy-to-use, ergonomic design is great for users with dexterity issues
  • 9 settings for optimal blood flow, comfort and control

Universal Fit
Works with most lancets on the market2

Made in England
Manufactured to rigorous standards for exceptional quality and performance.

Code NDC number UPC number
AT 0270 NDC 08470-0270-01 UPC 3-8470027001-8

1Dewland P, Edwards C. A single-blind, randomised, 8-way crossover study to compare the blood volume and pain perception of capillary blood sampling – March 2007. 2Not compatible with ACCU-CHEK® Softclix or OneTouch® Delica™