Autoject 2 Automatic Injection Aid

Automated injection devices that give greater control to patients.


An Innovative Solution for Needle Anxiety

Autoject® 2 Automatic Injection Aid
Autoject 2 makes syringe self-injection easy by reducing anxiety and enhancing comfort. Simply load a syringe, and at the touch of a button, Autoject 2 injects the needle at a pre-set depth, and delivers the medication subcutaneously.

Injection Aid Benefits

  • Makes the self-injection experience simple, convenient and more manageable
  • Conceals needle before use to ease patient anxiety
  • Features Safety Interlock mechanism to help prevent accidental misfires
  • Ergonomic, easy-to-use design is great for users of all ages
  • Can be operated one-handed, allowing for easier injection site access
  • Audible and visual indicators help ensure medication is administered correctly

Compatible with most fixed needle syringes (.3, .5 and 1cc syringes) for subcutaneous injections. See compatibility chart. Also available in Autoject Standard Removable for use with 1ml BD Tuberculin syringe. Owen Mumford does not support or endorse the off-label use of Autoject 2 for epinephrine injections.

Made in England
Manufactured to rigorous standards for exceptional quality and performance.