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Amielle Comfort Vaginal Dilators

Amielle Comfort is a gentle self-treatment for painful sexual intercourse, designed in conjunction with psychosexual therapists. Amielle Comfort vaginal dilators are designed to assist women in the treatment of vaginal conditions such as vaginismus and dyspareunia, including discomfort following childbirth, surgery or radiotherapy. These vaginal dilators can be an effective aid to complement sex therapy treatment of vaginismus, and help overcome painful sexual intercourse associated with dyspareunia. They can also be used in conjunction with other treatments.

Amielle Comfort dilators can be used to gradually reduce pain or anxiety sometimes experienced during intercourse following surgery or childbirth. Offered in five graduated sizes for a natural progression of treatment, the largest dilator is designed to represent the size of an average erect penis to help patients resume normal sexual activity.

The standard Amielle Comfort kit includes 5 graduated dilators (size 0-4) with universal handle to make insertion and removal easier, lubricant and a discreet bag. Amielle dilators may also be sold separately.

This product is available by prescription only. Ask your healthcare professional about Amielle.


  • Effective treatment for use in the comfort of your home
  • Treatment pace is directed by the user
  • Five graduated sizes to help user to progress gradually
  • Designed to help build confidence
Product Code
Amielle Comfort SM2100

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