Unifine® Pentips® Plus

A Sterile Pen Needle Plus a Built-in Remover

A Sterile Pen Needle Plus a Built-in Remover

Featuring SafetyClick™, OptiFlow® and DiamondPoint™ Technology

Unifine Pentips Plus combines the exceptional performance of Unifine Pentips pen needles with a built-in pen needle remover for safer, more convenient use. When sharps containers are not convenient, this pen needle includes a removal chamber built into its disposable casing, designed to hold the used pen needle until it can be disposed of safely.

Proven Performance
In an 8 week observational behavioral study with over 10,000 injections recorded:

  • 61% of patients preferred Unifine Pentips Plus to their current pen needle, citing ease of use, safety and added convenience as primary benefits¹
  • 86% found Unifine Pentips Plus easy to change versus their current pen needle¹
  • 59% reported that Unifine Pentips Plus was a more convenient pen needle when on the go¹

Patient Compliance

Experts agree that the safest, most accurate method when using injection pens is the immediate removal of the insulin pen needle after injection, and replacement with a fresh needle just prior to the next injection.2,3 By encouraging more frequent pen needle changing behavior, Unifine Pentips Plus was designed to improve patient compliance during self-injection.

  • Proven to improve patient compliance by 61% (compliance defined as changing of pen needle after every injection)1

Product Benefits

  • Designed to be an easier, safer, more convenient alternative to standard pen needles1
  • Encourages more frequent needle changing behavior1, potentially lowering the risks associated with pen needle reuse4
  • Sharpened to perfection for a low penetration force5
  • Anti-coring treatment for decreased penetration force5
  • Electropolished and treated with advanced silicone for exceptional comfort
  • Thin-wall technology for improved drug flow and low delivery force5
  • Ergonomic design preferred by those with dexterity issues¹

Universal Fit

Works with all major brand injection pens.

Broad Range of Sizes

Offered in a broad range of sizes to meet all patient needs and preferences: 4mm x 32G, 5mm x 31G, 6mm x 31G, 8mm x 31G, 12mm x 29G

Comprehensive Coverage

Covered under most insurance plans6.

Made in England

Manufactured to rigorous standards for exceptional quality and performance.

1. HRW (2014) Impact of Unifine Pentips Plus on pen needle changing behaviour amongst people with diabetes medicating with injectable formats. 2. Diabetes care in the UK, The First UK Injection Technique Recommendations, 2nd Edition. 3.Ginsberg B.H., J.L. Parkes, C. Sparacino: The kinetics of insulin administration by insulin pens. Horm. Metab. Res. 26: 584-587 (1994).4.Torrance T. An unexpected hazard of injectable therapy injection. Practical Diabetes International 2002;19:63 5. Independent test by Melab GmbH 2014. 6. Independent and chain pharmacy co-pay adjudication (April 2016). Actual coverage and co-pay may vary from setting to setting, and insurer to insurer. Data on file.

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