The way we run our operations, how we treat our people, suppliers and partners, our impact on our local communities and the way we look after the interests of our customers are fundamental to how we operate. We do not only consider that working in this way is the right thing to do, but that it is essential for growing a sustainable and responsible organisation.

In addition to supporting the community efforts of our team, which includes charity work and fundraising, we also place considerable importance on our environmental responsibilities.

Owen Mumford aims to be a leader in environmental stewardship for present and future generations. That is why our environmental vision is an integral part of our strategy, sitting alongside our corporate and financial goals.

We have developed an environmental management plan, which meets the criteria of ISO.14001:2004, incorporating long-term goals to ensure that, as our business grows, our environmental activities also evolve.

To learn more about our approach to Corporate Social Responsibility and the Environment please read our corporate brochure from the link below.