Adult & paediatric sampling essentials

Finger site selection

Finger puncture site selection

  • Use the middle OR ring fingers where possible1,2 †
  • The side of the ball of the finger is the recommended location1,2
  • Puncture across the lines of the fingerprint, not parallel to them1,2 §
For finger puncture site selection, use the side of the ball of the finger.

Expert Tip

The finger is the preferred site for adults and children over six months old1*

These materials have been produced in consultation with key opinion leaders and follow global guidelines, but the user should use his or her professional judgement when using any technique or method described in these materials and should take into account all applicable national, regional and institutional guidelines and regulations.

1. WHO guidelines on drawing blood: best practices in phlebotomy. World Health Organisation; 2010. 2. Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI) document GP42-A6 (former H04-A6): Procedures and Devices for the Collection of Diagnostic Capillary Blood Specimens; Approved Standard – Sixth Edition. Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute; Wayne, Pennsylvania, USA: 2008. * Weighing more than 10kg1 Avoid the thumb and index finger because of calluses, and avoid the little finger because the tissue is thin2 § A parallel puncture may cause the blood to travel along the channels formed by the lines of the fingerprint, preventing drop formation2.