Adult & paediatric sampling essentials

Benefits of safety lancets

The advantages of safety lancets over non-retractable devices for healthcare professional use

  • The needle retracts automatically and permanently into the safety lancet after use, avoiding the risk of sharps injuries
  • Safety lancets are designed for single use, avoiding the risk of cross-infection between patients
  • Each safety lancet is designed to puncture and penetrate to a predetermined depth that is safe and specific to patient type
On non-retractable lancing devices, the needles remains exposed after use, risking sharps injury and cross-infection between patients. With a safety lancet, the needle retracts automatically and permanently into the device, avoiding sharps injury and eliminating cross-infection between patients.

Expert Tip

Safety lancets offer clear safety advantages1 in a clinical environment for patients, clinicians and cleaning personnel

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1. Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI) document GP42-A6 (former H04-A6): Procedures and Devices for the Collection of Diagnostic Capillary Blood Specimens; Approved Standard – Sixth Edition. Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute; Wayne, Pennsylvania, USA: 2008.