Testing your blood

Owen Mumford pioneered the first automated lancing device for blood glucose capillary blood sampling and has continued to introduce new products that make the testing process easier.

We advance our devices in collaboration with patients and healthcare professionals to make blood testing more comfortable for all types of therapy areas and tests.

Our range of high-quality, cost-effective lancing devices and lancets cater for all user needs and testing requirements.

  • Unilet® lancets: Two ranges of single use lancets are available, Unilet® Excelite and Unilet®
  • ComforTouch™: to provide flexible finger sampling.
  • Autolet® lancing devices: Two lancing devices are available, Autolet Impression® and Autolet Plus to provide flexible finger sampling.
  • Unistik®: Single use safety lancets that puts your comfort first.

    Discover how single use safety lancets work: