If you need to inject

Our injection pens and needles are designed to support self-management and treatment programmes for a variety of conditions and therapy areas. They are recommended by healthcare professionals and endorsed by world leading pharmaceutical companies around the world.

We design our products after talking to our users about their needs and the problems they face when trying to manage their injections everyday.

We offer injection solutions that address the challenges associated with needle and injection phobia, provide comfort and convenience in the management of frequent treatment and make life easier for users with reduced dexterity and who may have difficulty injecting manually with a syringe.

Owen Mumford injection products support a good injection routine and are ergonomically designed to be simple to use, even by young users and users with reduced dexterity.

Our range includes:

  • Autopen®: Our reusable insulin cartridge delivery pen that delivers a pre-defined insulin dosage with minimal force making treatment easier for all ages.
  • Unifine® Pentips: High quality pen needles designed to provide a comfortable injection experience.
  • Unifine® Pentips® Plus: The first premium quality pen needle that features a built-in needle remover for quick needle disposal immediately after use.
  • Autoject® 2: Automatic Injection Aid Autoject 2 makes syringe self-injection simple, convenient and more manageable.
  • UniGuard®: The single use pen needle remover that shields fingers and thumbs from used pen needles for effective removal and secures the needle for convenient disposal.