Unistik® Touch


Unistik® Touch:  Reassuringly simple

Unistik® Touch is designed to make taking a blood sample simple and easy. Unistik® Touch is activated when you press the device against your finger. Once activated the needle retracts into the body of the device which reduces the risk of injury as the result if an exposed needle.

Unistik® Touch incorporates Comfort Zone Technology®, which simply means when you press the lancet against the skin, the eight raised dots on the end of the device sends a message of comfort to the brain, masking the pain sensation created by the needle2. This has been designed to provide a comfortable blood sampling experience.

The Unistik® Touch single-use safety lancet range offers a choice of four different depth and gauge (needle thickness) options, to allow you to choose the lancet which meets your blood volume needs.


  • Simple. Unistik® Touch is designed to make blood sampling simple and easy.
  • Comfort. Comfort Zone Technology® produces a statistically significant reduction in pain².
  • Safety. Needle retracts immediately after use to reduce the risk of needle injury.

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2. Dewland, P. and Edwards, C. (2007). A single-blind, randomised, 8-way crossover study to compare the blood volume and pain perception of capillary blood sampling. UK