Unifine® Pentips®


Unifine® Pentips® is a range of pen needles developed for a comfortable injection experience.

Unifine® Pentips® is designed to deliver improved comfort by focusing on four areas:

  • Precision sharpened needle tips
  • Thin wall technology, to improve drug flow
  • Anti-coring treatment, to reduce the chance of blockage
  • Advanced silicone lubrication

Unifine® Pentips® is available in the following needle lengths and gauges; 4mm 32G and 33G, 5mm 30G and 31G, 6mm 31G, 8mm 31G and 12mm 29G – and is compatible with all major diabetes medication pens. Needles are double sealed for complete protection during fitting.


  • Designed for a comfortable injection experience
  • Low glide forces as the needle passes through the skin smoothly
  • Extensive range of needle lengths and gauges suitable for all types of patients

For information on Unifine Pentips compatibility please click here.