Simplitude™ ByMe™


Empowering you to take control 

Simplitude™ ByMe™ is a rapid diagnostic test distributed by Owen Mumford, helping you to take control of monitoring your health from the comfort of your home.
For nearly 70 years Owen Mumford has been at the forefront of medical device innovation. Our products range from finger-pricking devices that make blood testing more comfortable to solutions that make it easier to administer life-saving medication both at home and in healthcare settings around the world.

The simple self-test for a fast and accurate result

Simplitude™ ByMe™ is the world’s first all-in-one self-test designed to make testing at home easier.

Making HIV self-test part of a regular monitoring routine

Simplitude™ ByMe™ is now available as a HIV-self test, to support and normalise the use of a self-screening HIV test.   

Simplitude™ ByMe™ is a simple and effective test that will help you to test in the comfort of your own home, delivering a 99.6% accurate result in just 15 minutes. The all-in-one design lets you test in 3 easy steps – prick your finger, use the device to collect the blood and transfer it to the test strip before adding the fluid.

It’s simple, fast and accurate.