Autolet® Impression


Autolet® Impression®: Is a comprehensive lancing device designed to provide maximum comfort and control when obtaining a blood sample.

Autolet® Impression offers 21 combinations of settings, allowing you to customise the device to deliver the correct blood volume first time. Seven depth settings and three force settings allow you to precisely adjust the device for your needs, creating a personalised experience.

Our Autolet range features Comfort Zone Technology. Comfort Zone Technology minimizes the pain of finger sampling and gives you peace of mind.  When pressed against the sample site, a series of eight raised dots on the platform stimulate the nerve endings. This sends a powerful message of comfort to the brain, masking the weaker pain stimulus from the needle.


  • Precise adjustments. To achieve optimal blood flow and comfort, Autolet® Impression offers 21 settings, allowing users to make precise adjustments for a personal experience.
Autolet Impression Autolet Plus
Side activation Yes Yes
Comfort Zone Technology Yes Yes
Lancet release feature No Yes
Automatic priming No Yes
Depth settings 1 to 7 1 to 9
Force settings 1 to 3 No

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