Owen Mumford Unveils New Self-Injection Pen for – Infertility Treatment

June 30, 2016 |


Owen Mumford Unveils New Self-Injection Pen for the Administration of Ovaleap®
– Infertility Treatment

                                                                                  Built on the proven Autopen®2 platform, providing dosage accuracy


Oxford, UK – 09:00 (GMT) 30 June 2016: Owen Mumford, a global industry leader in medical device design and manufacturing, today unveils a new addition to its range of medical devices, Ovaleap Pen®.

The Ovaleap Pen® is a re-usable self-injection pen which has been designed for Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Limited for use by it and its affiliates (“Teva”) to administer Teva’s recently approved fertility treatment. The Ovaleap Pen® is CE approved and is Owen Mumford’s first device for the treatment of infertility, in conjunction with Ovaleap®.

Ovaleap Pen® is designed for ease-of-use, accuracy and flexible dosing, featuring:

  • A dial-back feature allowing quick and easy correction if the dose is set incorrectly
  • A side-button for injection administration with one simple sliding action, for greater ease of use
  • A large dosage window with legible numbers that confirms the dose size as figures
  • A clear cartridge holder letting the end-user see how much medication is inside
  • As Ovaleap Pen® is re-usable, this reduces the need to discard left over medication and minimizes pen waste.


Sian Eden, Account Manager, at Owen Mumford commented, “Ovaleap Pen® is derived from our existing, proven Autopen®2 platform(1) – an injection pen with dose control, created to overcome some of the barriers end-users face when self-injecting. Ovaleap Pen® has been developed with the end-user in mind, supporting accurate dosage. The pen can hold three different cartridge sizes and end-users can adjust their dose by 6.25 microL increments.

Owen Mumford is passionate about developing products that meet end-user needs and address healthcare issues. We’re confident that Ovaleap Pen® will be a convenient and patient-friendly device to support patients going through fertility treatment. Fertility being a major challenge as Europe has the lowest fertility rate in the world(2) and in the UK, one in seven couples will experience infertility issues”(3)

Ovaleap Pen® is now available in several European countries including the United Kingdom.

Autopen® is a registered trade mark of Owen Mumford Ltd.

Ovaleap Pen® is a registered trademark of Teva Pharmaceuticals Europe B.V.


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