Owen Mumford Teams with Wychwood Project

August 11, 2017 |

At Owen Mumford, we take our environmental responsibility serious and as a result we established an Environmental Steering Group in 2014. This initiative was set up to consider ways in which Owen Mumford can put measures in place that address our sustainability and environmental responsibilities.

This initiative has lead to Owen Mumford working with local conservation and environmental partners, which last year resulted in the installation of solar arrays on both our Woodstock and Chipping Norton sites which is set to avoid 66 tonnes of CO2 every year by using the clean energy for our business operations.

More recently we have become a Corporate Partner of the local conservation charity the Wychwood Project. This project has seen Owen Mumford’s volunteers regularly taking part with various local conservation activates including the Wild Oxfordshire and FreshWater Watch Waterblitz, helping with local biodiversity and fresh water projects.

For more information please visit the Wild Oxfordshire website:

Wild Oxfordshire