Owen Mumford launches next generation safety needle

September 16, 2019 |

Oxford, 16 September 2019 – Owen Mumford, a global leader in designing and manufacturing innovative medical devices, has announced it is launching Ateria® SafeControl® the next generation of safety pen needles. The new and innovative device will be previewed at the 55th European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD) Annual Meeting in Barcelona[1], where Owen Mumford will be exhibiting.

Ateria® SafeControl® is an active safety pen needle for healthcare professionals (HCPs) who use injection pens to administer medication, particularly to patients with diabetes. It is designed to protect HCPs from needlestick injuries (NSIs) while enabling them to keep control of the overall injection process.

Tracey Sainsbury, Group Product Manager at Owen Mumford, commented, “We believe that Ateria® SafeControl® will provide HCPs with the benefits of a safety-engineered device while also giving them control of the delivery of medication.

“As a business, Owen Mumford is committed to meeting the needs of HCPs and patients through medical device innovation. This is why we have commissioned research and have taken time to understand HCP’s experience and needs during their daily practice, and how it can impact patients’ lives. This approach has led us to develop a solution that is designed to be safe for both HCPs and patients.”

Ateria® SafeControl® features and benefits:

–  A visible needle for control during the injection process
–  An innovative manual push tab for one-handed activation of the safety mechanism
–  Dual visible and audible safety indicators for confirmation the safety mechanism is activated
–  A safety guard covering the needle to prevent needlestick injuries after injection
–  The non-patient end of the needle is covered, avoiding NSIs after injection
–  A green cap for sterility and protection prior to injection
–  Compatible with all major brands of injection pens

With Ateria® SafeControl®, HCPs maintain a similar injection technique to that used with conventional pen needles.

A two-phase survey looking at safety and pen needle experience showed that Ateria® SafeControl® is a solution that can meet the needs of many HCPs. The results can be found in a white paper, ‘Safety Pen Needles – Take Control’. The survey was carried out by an independent research company on behalf of Owen Mumford and involved over 200 HCPs. The research uncovered practical challenges with passive safety pen needles, including premature activation of the safety mechanism before the injection has been completed which leads to uncertainty as to whether the full mediation dose is delivered to the patient.

The HCPs taking part broadly recognise that using passive safety pen needles improves safety – four in five agreed that the device increased protection against NSIs. However, the results also showed that 86% of the participants agreed that a combination of safety and control during the injection process are equally important.

Ateria® SafeControl® has been positively received after being trialled by over 100 HCPs in the second phase of the research. Those taking part, felt that the device was protective, easy to use and gave them confidence that using the device would deliver the full medication dose.

In the interviews that followed the trial, 92% agreed that they were 100% sure that the medication dose was fully delivered using the new device and 75% agreed that it gives them the right combination of safety and control of the drug delivery during the injection process. Almost three quarters of those taking part agreed that they would prefer to use Ateria® SafeControl®, if given the choice.

Tracey Sainsbury continues, “We believe that Ateria® SafeControl® will provide the solution to the challenges faced by HCPs using passive safety pen needles; providing assurance that they are delivering the best care to their patients.”

Owen Mumford will be exhibiting at the EASD event between 16th and 20th September where Ateria® SafeControl® will be available on stand G.04 Hall 2.


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Owen Mumford is a global leader in designing, developing and manufacturing innovative medical devices for use by healthcare professionals and patients. With over 60 years’ experience, the company has expertise in creating safety and drug delivery devices that support the management of blood glucose testing and the injection of medications in diabetes.


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[1] https://convention19.com/easd2019/