Owen Mumford and NIPRO sign an exclusive agreement to distribute UniSafe® across Japan

July 18, 2019 |

Oxford, 8th July 2019 – Owen Mumford, a global leader in medical devices, is pleased to announce that it has signed an exclusive agreement with Osaka-based NIPRO CORPORATION. The agreement allows for the distribution of UniSafe® supporting the growing focus of safety within the innovative and established Japanese healthcare market.

  • Partnership is crucial for successful global business. Owen Mumford and Nipro share a core foundation in quality and innovation and a joint vision for the collaboration.
  • UniSafe® is a unique, springless, passive safety device for 1mL pre-filled syringes. It brings new technology and innovation to Japan, and supports safety and confidence in the self-injection market. (A platform built around UniSafe® is in development, this includes the UniSafe® 2.25mL device).
  • UniSafe® has achieved regulatory approval in the EU for commercial launch, and currently has over 20 Global Pharma companies actively assessing for product launches.

UniSafe® is a unique springless, passive safety device for 1mL pre-filled syringes which has been designed to overcome some of the challenges of traditional spring-based safety systems. The absence of a spring means UniSafe® is reliable, intuitive and easy to use. The design of the secure plunger helps to prevent re-use and accidental removal.

Jarl Severn, CEO at Owen Mumford commented, “It’s clear that healthcare in Japan is showing significant growth, and therefore it is important for us to work with a partner that shares our commitment to bring innovative solutions to this market. This is a significant partnership for Owen Mumford and supports our strategic ambitions for global growth.”

Tsuyoshi Yamazaki, Managing Director of PharmaPackaging Division at Nipro Corporation commented, “We are excited about adding UniSafe® to our innovative safety solution portfolio and contributing to the Japanese healthcare market. We expect that this partnership with Owen Mumford, who is a pioneer of new devices, will contribute to the development and sale of Nipro’s reconstitution and administration devices.”

The agreement took effect from April 2019, and both companies look forward to a successful and long-term partnership.

For more information on UniSafe®, please contact Nipro PharmaPackaging Division (e-mail: pharmapackaging-japan@nipro.co.jp) or Owen Mumford (e-mail: devicesolutions@owenmumford.com)