Owen Mumford and Atomo Diagnostics: Partners in point-of-care innovation

November 8, 2018 |


Early diagnosis enables people with HIV to start antiretroviral drug treatments as soon as possible in the course of their disease. This, in turn, increases their chance of living a long and healthy life and reduces the risk of transmission. The Simplitude™ Pro HIV (1&2) rapid diagnostic test, which Owen Mumford is launching to distributors at MEDICA 2018 in Düsseldorf, Germany, meets the need for an effective point-of-care diagnostic test that is safe, reliable, and simple to use. A unique all-in-one HIV rapid test device, Simplitude™ Pro HIV (1&2) gives an accurate result in just 15 minutes from a tiny drop of capillary blood obtained from a fingertip.

Simplitude™ Pro HIV (1&2) was developed for Owen Mumford by Atomo Diagnostics, a product design and manufacturing company, based in Sydney, Australia, that specialises in the development of integrated diagnostic test devices.

Since forming their strategic partnership in June 2018, the companies have forged a close and collaborative working relationship. So, what are the factors that make this relationship work?

A “perfect” partnership

A long-established and respected company, with more than 60 years’ experience as a leading player in the medical device industry, Owen Mumford is commercialising Simplitude™ Pro HIV (1&2) throughout Europe.

“The partnership with Owen Mumford is a perfect strategic fit,” explains John Kelly, Atomo’s founder and chief executive officer, “with our companies having complementary skills and capabilities. Owen Mumford has a track record of successful commercialisation,” says Mr Kelly, “and it knows how best to take a product to market.”

Based in Oxfordshire, UK, Owen Mumford has sales offices in the USA, Mexico, France, and Germany, with manufacturing facilities in the UK and Malaysia, and specialist distributors across five continents. “We have been impressed by the capabilities of Owen Mumford’s sales and distribution operations,” says Mr Kelly, “and also by the extent of its established international network of trusted distributors.”

Although Atomo has a sales office in the UK, most of the company’s senior personnel are based in Australia; nonetheless, despite the geographical distance and associated time difference, Atomo and Owen Mumford have very quickly formed a productive and collaborative partnership. Mr Kelly explains, “The key to the relationship is regular, open, and effective communication.”

Heritage and innovation

Owen Mumford works with 7 of the 10 most successful pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies, many smaller organisations and numerous distributors. Over the years, it has built a reputation for developing and delivering full-service solutions in partnership with manufacturers and distributors.

“Owen Mumford provides a custom-made service for device development from concept through to manufacturing including design, QA compliance, commercialisation and full regulatory approval,” says Tania MacKenzie, Senior Product Manager for Diagnostics at Owen Mumford. “For distributors looking to market high quality, proven devices, we offer a range of branded products that improve healthcare outcomes and reduce costs, supported by added-value initiatives such as provision of education materials and training.”

Owen Mumford is, Ms MacKenzie says, fully committed to innovation. For example, Owen Mumford developed the world’s first re-usable automatic insulin delivery pen and blood sampling device. Owen Mumford is also actively involved in improving the management of some of the world’s leading causes of death and disability, including allergies, autoimmune diseases, cancers, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and neurological conditions.

Since being founded in 1952, Owen Mumford built its success on high quality, advanced engineering that improves the patient experience and reduces analytical errors, recruiting top talent and managing risk. “We work with leading medical device and pharmaceutical partners, distributors and healthcare professionals across the globe to improve patient experience,” Ms MacKenzie adds. “Owen Mumford knows what is important to a potential partner. We can deliver a full support system to meet each partner’s needs, such as providing help in bringing products to market, offering training and regulatory support and helping to raise awareness of conditions such as HIV and diabetes.”

“Atomo and Owen Mumford are a good fit, having the same drive and ambition,” observes Mr Kelly. The companies share a strong desire to extend their partnership and Mr Kelly explains that they “hope that the development and commercialisation of Simplitude™ Pro HIV (1&2) will be but the first step.” The parties are currently exploring further opportunities for strategic collaboration.

“With a world population of more than 7 billion, the market for innovative medical devices is growing exponentially, opening new opportunities to bring life-changing products to more people,” Ms MacKenzie concludes. “Our priorities within our partnerships are to deliver innovative solutions, on time and on budget and always using high-quality engineering. We have a wide range of existing products and the potential to launch new devices to meet future needs, and we would be delighted to discuss further opportunities with distributors and manufacturers.”

  • To learn more about Simplitude™ Pro HIV (1&2) and to discuss partnership and distribution opportunities, please visit us in hall 3A/stand 3AD02-2 MEDICA 2018 or visit owenmumford.com.