Owen Mumford

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Oxford, 31st July 2018 Owen Mumford, pioneers of safety lancets for capillary blood sampling, is supporting healthcare professionals gain confidence and achieve better samples as a result. When used correctly, POCT has been shown to improve patient care and work flow… Read more.

Simplitude Pro HIV

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Oxford - UK, 23rd July 2018 – Owen Mumford, a company with a reputation for innovative products, has announced that it has acquired exclusive rights to sell and distribute the rapid diagnostic HIV test, Simplitude™ Pro HIV across Europe. Senior… Read more.

Simplitude Pro HIV


Oxford - UK, 23rd July 2018 The life expectancy for a person who is diagnosed and starts antiretroviral treatment rapidly after infection with HIV today probably approaches that of the general population.1 Yet the European Centre for Disease Prevention and… Read more.