Point of Care Testing

Owen Mumford has been leading the development of capillary blood sampling devices for use in point of care testing (POCT) and laboratory settings for over 35 years.

Our range of high-quality, cost-effective single use lancets and lancing devices can be used for capillary blood sampling across a large range of tests, including blood glucose, blood coagulation, cardiac markers, cholesterol tests, infectious diseases and many more.

An extensive range of activation methods and needle specifications enable you to choose your preferred device for every patient type and test. Our ‘Sample with Confidence’ educational range is designed to provide you with clear and simple guidance for performing capillary puncture, so you and your patient have a positive sampling experience.

Our Unistik® range of safety lancets have been enhanced over the years in response to the needs of healthcare professionals. Unistik® devices have been developed to help you obtain the right amount of blood first time.

This includes: