Unistik® TinyTouch™


Unistik® TinyTouch™: Designed to minimise discomfort for babies

Neonatal capillary sampling has its own unique challenges. Obtaining an adequate sample volume with a single incision, maintaining absolute sterility and minimising discomfort for the baby are top priorities.

Unistik® TinyTouch™ is a heel incision device designed specifically to meet these challenges. A clearly visible alignment guide lets you position the lancet with precision to ensure a quick, streamlined, optimal procedure. The easy-grip, quick-release sterility cap helps keep the blade sterile and reduces the stages required for use. Manual activation enables you to discharge the device with confidence, for the right sample first time.

Unistik® TinyTouch™ is designed to reach only the superficial blood vessels, without penetrating deep enough to reach dermal pain fibres. It features a motion, rather than a puncture, blade with penetration depths of 0.85mm for preterm and 1mm for full term babies. This type of device results in less pain for the baby¹, less distress for the family and more confidence for you.