Unifine® Pentips®


Unifine® Pentips® is a range of pen needles developed to provide patients with a comfortable injection experience. Fifty-seven percent of people with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes intentionally skip insulin injections and a key factor is the fear of pain1.

Unifine® Pentips® pen needles are designed to lower penetration force to support patient comfort and reduce the sensation of trauma.

Unifine® Pentips®  are designed to deliver improved comfort during the injection experience by focusing on four areas:

  • Precision sharpened needle tips designed to reduce penetration force
  • Thin wall technology to improve drug flow, aiding less thumb force and time to deliver the dose, reducing the risk of thumb arthritis3
  • Anti-coring treatment at the rear of the needle for clean piercing of the drug cartridge with no fragmentation for effective drug delivery.
  • Advanced silicone lubrication designed for a lower glide force – Reducing friction between the needle and patients’ skin, for smoother entry and removal of the needle

Unifine® Pentips® is available in five needle lengths – 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm and 12 mm – and are compatible with all major diabetes medication pens. They are double sealed for complete protection during fitting.

Unifine® Pentips® Pen Needles

Needle Length Code G
4mm AN3540 32G
5mm AN3550 31G
6mm AN3590 31G
8mm AN3530 31G
12mm AN3529 29G
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