Simplitude™ Pro


HIV 1& 2

Challenges with using current rapid diagnostic tests can impact the reliability
of results 1,2. These challenges can prompt pre-analytical errors, including:

  • Choosing the wrong lancet or failing to lance the skin properly1
  • Collecting too little blood or transferring it to the wrong place1
  • Following the procedure’s multiple steps in the wrong order, mixing up different components or spilling solutions1

These errors may lead to misdiagnosis with consequences for patients.

Simplitude™ Pro is the world’s first professional use rapid diagnostic test with a built in safety lancet, blood collection unit, and test strip. The device has been designed to reduce pre-analytical errors and deliver a reliable result, for overall confidence in giving your patient the right diagnosis. Product launching early 2019.

Simplitude™ Pro HIV 1&2 offers high sensitivity (99.6%) and specificity (99.6%)3


  • Built in blood collection unit to transfer the blood sample with ease and reliability
  • Built in blood collection tube to collect and transfer the exact amount of blood for confidence and reliability in your result
  • Built in safety lancet to simplify the test procedure

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