Autolet® Impression


Autolet® Impression is an advanced lancing device designed to provide patients with maximum comfort and control when obtaining a blood sample at home, at work and in non-clinical settings.

Autolet® Impression offers 21 settings, with seven depth settings and three force settings allowing precise adjustments for all skin types and sampling requirements, providing the user with control to select the combination that delivers the correct blood volume first time.

Incorporating Owen Mumford’s patented Comfort Zone Technology®(CZT), Autolet® Impression helps to mask the sensation of pain by stimulating the nerve endings responsible for sensing contact, pressure and texture. The science behind this technology is based on the Melzack and Walls Gate Theory¹, with the addition of eight pressure points on the device that sends a strong continual message of comfort to the brain during the sampling process.


  • Precise adjustments. To achieve optimal blood flow and comfort, Autolet® Impression offers 21 settings, allowing users to make precise adjustments for a tailored experience.

1. Melzack, R. and Wall, P. (1982).  The Challenge of Pain. England: Penguin Books.