My tips to stay healthy and enjoy life



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I don’t let diabetes define me and slow me down!
I keep confident and enjoy my life, shopping and hanging around with my two best friends Tony and Tracey.

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I listen to my body
I stay aware of how my body reacts to different stimuli, whether it’s the food I eat, the exercise or activity that I enjoy or stressful situations such as exams.

I take action when I can feel a hypo or hyper developing. For hypos, I always carry a kit with me including glucose tablets.

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Teenagers with Type 1 diabetes



I’ve learnt not to be embarrassed
I’ve taught my friends, teachers and relatives to understand diabetes and how I manage it including my injection routine.

I’ve made sure everyone I spend time with knows how to recognise a hypo or a hyper and how to help when I might need it.

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Knowledge is Power! I’ve become my own expert in diabetes and how to manage a good injection routine
I find speaking with healthcare professionals with my parents and participating in online forums helps to keep me informed and manage my diabetes effectively.

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My check-list of diabetes medical devices

Devices for blood glucose monitoring

Safety Lancets

Standard lancet with lancing device

Safety Lancet

Or Safety lancet to prick the finger and obtain blood sample to measure blood glucose

Test script

Test strip

Blood glucose meter

Blood glucose meter

Devices to manage injections

Non refillable injection pen

Disposable pen

Refillable injection pen

Refillable injection pen

Pen needles

Hub to attach theneedle onto the pen
Outer cap and Inner cap

A conventional pen needle

New generation of pen needle with a built-in removal system

A pen needle with a built-in removal system

Sharps container

Sharps container

Why changing my pen needle after each injection is important

Reusing a pen needle can lead to several problems, including poor glycaemic control, infection and lipohypertrophy1,2,3

Air bubbles in the cartridge and leakage 1

Air bubbles in the cartridge and leakage

Needle blockage and clogging1

Needle blockage and clogging

Accumulation of bacteria on the needle 2

Accumulation of bacteria on the needle

Needle bending 3

Needle bending

Breakage of the needle tip 3

Breakage of the needle tip

Whole needle breakage 3

Whole needle breakage

Following the major steps of the good injection routine is a preventative way from being exposed to all those risks

Good injection routines


Discover Unifine® Pentips® Plus

Unifine Pentips Plus

Available in 4mm, 5mm, 6mm and 12mm

*Compatible with all major injection pens


This pen needle is designed for my comfort

Pen needle


It’s easy to handle when I change my needle with its unique size and its grip seal

Easy to handle unique grip and seal


It’s easy to remove and store the needle when I am on-the-go*

Easy to remove pen needle - built in removal system


It’s reassuring. The audible click and padlock indicates that the pen needle I have used is safely secured in the container*

Audible click and padlock


It works with my pen and is available in the length I have been prescribed*