Managing injections during pregnancy

Tips to stay healthy during my pregnancy


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I closely follow my healthcare professional’s recommendations
Finding the best way to check my blood glucose and monitor my weight as part of my routine.

I keep asking questions that help me better understand how my pregnancy is progressing and if I need to change anything to stay healthy for me and my baby.


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Everything in moderation
I eat well-balanced food.

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Pregnant women with gestational diabetes



Getting support from others
I like the internet because there are forums or blogs I can visit and chat with women like me who understand the emotions I am feeling, even though Pablo, my husband is very supportive.

There is also Hannah who gives me many tips. She’s my best friend and she also had gestational diabetes when she was pregnant with her son.

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Exercise is important!
My healthcare professionals helped me find exercise to stay healthy that manages my glucose levels.

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My check-list of diabetes devices

Devices for blood glucose monitoring

Safety Lancets

Standard lancet with lancing device

Safety Lancet

Or safety lancet to prick finger and obtain blood samples

Test script

Test strip and

Blood glucose meter

Blood glucose metre for blood sugar measurement

Two types of injection pens

Non refillable injection pen

A disposable pen or

Refillable injection pen

A refillable pen

Two types of pen needles

Hub to attach theneedle onto the pen
Outer cap and Inner cap

A conventional pen needle

New generation of pen needle with a built-in removal system

A pen needle with a built-in removal system

Sharps container

A sharps container to dispose used devices

Why changing my pen needle is important

Because I’ve learnt that it’s important to only use it once. Reusing a needle can lead to several problems, including poor glycaemic control, infection and lipohypertrophy1,2,3

Air bubbles in the cartridge and leakage 1

Air bubbles in the cartridge and leakage

Needle blockage and clogging1

Needle blockage and clogging

Accumulation of bacteria on the needle 2

Accumulation of bacteria on the needle

Needle bending 3

Needle bending

Breakage of the needle tip 3

Breakage of the needle tip

Whole needle breakage 3

Whole needle breakage

I also follow a good injection routine:


Good injection guide gestational

Discover Unifine® Pentips® Plus...

...and how it fits in with my pregnancy

Unifine Pentips Plus

Available in 4mm, 5mm, 6mm and 12mm

*Compatible with all major injection pens


The pen needle injections are designed for my comfort

Pen needle


Its’ easy to handle thanks to its unique size and grip seal

Easy to handle unique grip and seal


It helps with removing the pen needle thanks to the built in removal system

Easy to remove pen needle - built in removal system


Its reassuring. The audible click and padlock indicates that the pen needle I have used is safely secured in the container*

Audible click and padlock


It works perfectly with my pen and the length I was prescribed is available*