My tips to help me stay healthy and live a normal life


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I talk with my parents and my pediatrician about what I like and don’t like with having diabetes
My parents have learnt a lot about type 1 diabetes, however they need me to help them better understand how it affects my physical and emotional feelings as well as helping me think about what I should eat and drink when I am not at home.

They like to stay informed because it helps them know what to do to help me.

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I try to understand what my body is telling me
I tell my parents when I don’t feel good.

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I don’t feel embarrassed when I am asked questions about diabetes and how I cope with it
For example, Keyna, my schoolmate, is very curious and asks a lot of questions.

If I don’t know how to answer, I talk to my parents who will help me.

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Examples of devices I use to manage diabetes

I use these types of devices to take blood samples and test my sugar level

Safety Lancets

I can use a standard lancet with a lancing device to prick my finger

Safety Lancet

Or a safety lancet

Test script

I also use test strip to put my blood in it

Blood glucose meter

So it can be used with a blood glucose metre

I also use an injection pen which my doctor has prescribed for me

Non refillable injection pen

A disposable pen

Refillable injection pen

And a refillable pen

I change my pen needle several times a day. There is a choice between two types of pen needles available

Hub to attach theneedle onto the pen
Outer cap and Inner cap

A conventional pen needle

New generation of pen needle with a built-in removal system

A pen needle with a built-in removal system

Sharps container

I also have a sharps container to dispose my used devices

I have to change my needle after each injection and dispose it into a special container

If I don’t, this is what can happen if a needle is reused1,2,3

Air bubbles in the cartridge and leakage 1

Air bubbles in the cartridge and leakage

Needle blockage and clogging1

Needle blockage and clogging

Accumulation of bacteria on the needle 2

Accumulation of bacteria on the needle

Needle bending 3

Needle bending

Breakage of the needle tip 3

Breakage of the needle tip

Whole needle breakage 3

Whole needle breakage

I always follow this good injection routine:


Good injection routines

Discover Unifine® Pentips® Plus

Unifine Pentips Plus

Available in 4mm, 5mm, 6mm and 12mm

*Compatible with all major injection pens


This pen needle is designed to provide me with a comfortable injection experience

Pen needle


It’s easy to handle as the unique size is good for my small hands

Easy to handle unique grip and seal


I can use the built-in removal system to help remove the pen needle from my pen

Easy to remove pen needle - built in removal system


It’s reassuring. The audible click and padlock indicates that the pen needle I have used is safely secured in the container*

Audible click and padlock


The length of the pen needle is short and it is compatible with my pen*