Injection Therapy

Explore our innovative drug delivery solutions that are designed to make self-injection simple, convenient and more manageable.

Pen Needles

Unifine® Pentips® Pen Needles
featuring OptiFlow™ and DiamondPoint™ Technologies
Unifine Pentips pen needles are designed to deliver lower penetration and glide force for a more comfortable injection experience. 

Unifine® Pentips® Plus Pen Needles with Built-In Remover
featuring SafetyClick™,  OptiFlow™ and DiamondPoint™ Technologies
Unifine Pentips Plus combines the exceptional performance of Unifine Pentips pen needles with a built-in pen needle remover for safer, more convenient use.

Injection Aids

Autoject® 2 Automatic Injection Aid
Autoject 2 makes syringe self-injection easy by reducing anxiety and maximizing comfort. Owen Mumford does not support or endorse the off-label use of Autoject 2 for epinephrine injections.

Autopen® Insulin Drug Delivery Pen
Autopen is a reusable insulin cartridge delivery pen that delivers a pre-defined insulin dosage with minimal force, making treatment easier for all ages.


Injection Therapy

Syringe aids, pen needles and injection pens.

Unifine Pentips Pen Needles

Premium quality pen needles designed for maximum comfort.

Unifine® Pentips® is a range of pen needles developed to provide a more comfortable injection experience.

Unifine Pentips Plus Pen Needles with Built-in Remover

The first all-in-one pen needle and remover for more convenient needle change.

Unifine® Pentips® Plus is the world’s first integrated pen needle system that utilises the same high quality needles as Unifine® Pentips® but also features an integrated needle disposal chamber.

Autoject 2 Automatic Injection Aid

Automated injection devices that give greater control to patients.

Autopen Insulin Delivery Pen

The insulin delivery pen that simplifies injections        

Autopen® makes the experience of injecting insulin as easy as possible, even for younger users or users with reduced dexterity.


Diabetes Care

Pen needles, lancets and lancing devices for diabetes self-management.


Eye Care

Tools to make eye drop usage easier and less wasteful.


A good injection routine is important when managing diabetes.

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Injection Therapy

Syringe aids, pen needles and injection pens.


Sexual Health

Gentle solutions for sexual dysfunction.


Blood Testing

Lancets and lancing devices designed with comfort in mind.