Eye care

Administering drops into the eye can be challenging for many people, young and old. Problems can stem from difficulty controlling the blinking reflexes of the eye as well as issues with mechanical manipulation of the eye drop bottle.

Our innovative and cost-effective eye care solutions have been developed to address these challenges and make self-administration of eye drops as easy as possible.

Our range includes:

Autodrop® – the simple to use eye drop delivery system

AutoSqueeze™ – when extra support is needed to squeeze the eye drop bottle

Both products have been developed together with the Royal National Institute for the Blind.


Eye Care

Tools to make eye drop usage easier and less wasteful.

AutoDrop® & AutoSqueeze™

Making eyecare treatment easier for patients

AutoDrop® enables patients to self-administer their eye drops with ease, helping to improve comfort and the delivery of treatments.

AutoSqueeze™ has been developed to help patients with dexterity issues self administer eye drop medications and can be used alone or in combination with AutoDrop®.


Diabetes Care

Pen needles, lancets and lancing devices for diabetes self-management.


Eye Care

Tools to make eye drop usage easier and less wasteful.


A good injection routine is important when managing diabetes.

Download our simple injection guide here >

Injection Therapy

Syringe aids, pen needles and injection pens.


Sexual Health

Gentle solutions for sexual dysfunction.


Blood Testing

Lancets and lancing devices designed with comfort in mind.