Diabetes Care

For over 60 years, Owen Mumford has delivered innovative solutions that help patients and medical professionals better manage diabetes and other conditions.

Injection Therapy Solutions

Unifine® Pentips® Pen Needles
featuring OptiFlow™ and DiamondPoint™ Technologies
Unifine Pentips pen needles are designed to deliver lower penetration and glide force for a more comfortable injection experience. 

Unifine® Pentips® Plus Pen Needles with Built-In Remover
featuring SafetyClick™,  OptiFlow™ and DiamondPoint™ Technologies
Unifine Pentips Plus combines the exceptional performance of Unifine Pentips pen needles with a built-in pen needle remover for safer, more convenient use.

Autopen® Insulin Drug Delivery Pen
Autopen is a reusable insulin cartridge delivery pen that delivers a pre-defined insulin dosage with minimal force, making treatment easier for all ages.

Blood Testing Solutions

Autolet® Advanced Lancing Device
featuring Comfort Zone Technology®
Autolet Advanced Lancing Device allows the user to adjust depth settings for optimal blood flow and maximum comfort.

Unilet® Lancets
Unilet lancets are precision sharpened to deliver maximum comfort and optimum blood flow.

Unistik® 3 Single-Use Travel Lancets
featuring Comfort Zone Technology®
Unistik 3 single-use lancets offer an all-in-one travel solution when testing on-the-go™.

Unistik® Touch Single-Use Safety Lancets
Unistik® Touch is designed to make taking a blood sample simple and easy.


Diabetes Care

Pen needles, lancets and lancing devices for diabetes self-management.

Unistik® Touch

Unistik® Touch: Reassuringly simple

Unistik® Touch is designed to make taking a blood sample simple and easy.

Unifine Pentips Pen Needles

Premium quality pen needles designed for maximum comfort.

Unifine® Pentips® is a range of pen needles developed to provide a more comfortable injection experience.

Unifine Pentips Plus Pen Needles with Built-in Remover

The first all-in-one pen needle and remover for more convenient needle change.

Unifine® Pentips® Plus is the world’s first integrated pen needle system that utilises the same high quality needles as Unifine® Pentips® but also features an integrated needle disposal chamber.

Unistik 3 Travel Lancets

Unistik® 3: Single-use travel lancets that make blood sampling less of a pain

Unistik®3 single-use travel lancets provide an easy and convenient way to test blood glucose levels on-the-go.

Unilet Lancets

A lancet to suit all needs

Available in a range of sizes to meet most patient needs.

Autolet Lancing Device

Improved comfort

Autolet® is an advanced lancing device designed to provide maximum comfort and control when obtaining a blood sample at home, work and in non-clinical settings. The device’s simple, straightforward design also features easy cap removal and lancet release, in addition to auto-priming upon lancet insertion.

Autopen Insulin Delivery Pen

The insulin delivery pen that simplifies injections        

Autopen® makes the experience of injecting insulin as easy as possible, even for younger users or users with reduced dexterity.


Diabetes Care

Pen needles, lancets and lancing devices for diabetes self-management.


Eye Care

Tools to make eye drop usage easier and less wasteful.


A good injection routine is important when managing diabetes.

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Injection Therapy

Syringe aids, pen needles and injection pens.


Sexual Health

Gentle solutions for sexual dysfunction.


Blood Testing

Lancets and lancing devices designed with comfort in mind.