Unifine Pentips Pen Needles

Not All Pen Needles Are Created Equal.

Unifine® Pentips® Pen Needles
featuring OptiFlow™ and DiamondPoint™ Technologies

Unifine Pentips pen needles feature OptiFlow and DiamondPoint technologies designed to deliver lower penetration and glide force for a more comfortable injection experience.

Pen Needle Benefits

  • Sharpened to perfection for lower penetration force*
  • Anti-coring treatment for decreased penetration force*
  • Electropolished and treated with advanced silicone for exceptional comfort*
  • Thin-wall technology for improved drug flow and low delivery force*

Universal Fit
Unifine Pentips pen needles work with all major brand injection pens.

Broad Range of Sizes
Offered in a broad range of pen needles sizes to meet all patient needs and preferences: 4mm x 32G, 5mm x 31G, 6mm  x 31G, 8mm x 31G, 12mm x 29G

Comprehensive Coverage
Covered under most insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid.

European Manufactured
Unifine Pentips pen needles are manufactured to rigorous standards for exceptional quality and performance.

*Independent test by Melab GmbH 2014.