Owen Mumford has been at the forefront of medical device innovation for over 60 years, creating solutions that improve the delivery of healthcare and home health treatments for people around the world. Our products span devices that make blood testing more comfortable to solutions that make it easier to administer life-saving medication.

Our experience in medical devices began in the 1950s when our founders Ivan Owen and John Mumford established the company. Today, we have direct sales offices and a network of distribution partners serving customers in over 60 countries, and employ over 700 people across the Americas, Europe and Asia.

A history of growth and innovation spanning six decades


Owen Mumford celebrates its 60th anniversary, opens new sales offices in Shanghai, China and Mexico and a regional hub in Malaysia.

Owen Mumford further expands both its R&D capabilities and manufacturing resources, reaffirming the company’s commitment to design and innovation. This includes the introduction of state-of-the-art 3D printing technologies, recruitment of a human factors specialist, new edge to edge clean room facilities and the use of environmental building solutions.

Product innovations include new auto-injector devices, such as Extavipro®30G and Anapen2® and Unifine® Pentips® Plus, the first pen needle device with a built-in needle remover, which incorporate advanced ergonomic design and user features developed together with patients and healthcare professionals. Owen Mumford also expands its range of specialist products for men and women’s health and launches the world’s first insulin injector pen for veterinary use.

2010 Timeline


Owen Mumford doubles its manufacturing capability, expanding its class 9 clean room environment and cold chain management facility for the manufacture of drug device combination products.

Innovation firsts include the launch of Autolet® Impression, a lancing device that uses Owen Mumford’s patented Comfort Zone Technology, based on the pain masking mechanism of Gate Theory of Pain, to make capillary blood testing more comfortable, and the Simpleject® auto-injector system. The single use safety lancet range, Unistik® 3, goes into production to meet international demand.

2000 Timeline


Owen Mumford builds a new manufacturing facility at Chipping Norton, near Oxford, England, sets up an additional clean room and establishes an office in France.

OEM contracts with world leading pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies are obtained for insulin pens, auto injectors and lancing devices. New product innovations include the Autopen®, the Unistik® range of single use safety lancets and Neuropen® for neuropathy screening.

1990 Timeline


Owen Mumford enters the disposables market establishing new clean room and manufacturing facilities and a surgical needle unit. The company also expands its operations in USA and Germany.

The success of Owen Mumford’s Autolet® leads to international demand for lancing devices for capillary blood testing. By 1987, Owen Mumford expands its innovations in diabetes care with the addition of Unilet®: a new lancet range, the launch of the Autoinjector™: the first plastic re-usable auto-injector device and the Accupen®: the first automatic insulin delivery pen. These device transformed drug administration for patients, incorporating trigger spring technology, enhancing ease of use and increasing patient adherence.


A new Owen Mumford factory is built for its ‘Plastics Division’ in Woodstock, England.

In 1977, Owen Mumford develops a device to help people with diabetes take capillary blood samples. In March 1978, the Autolet®, the world’s first automatic lancing device is launched and becomes a major improvement in blood glucose monitoring worldwide. This marks the beginning of Owen Mumford’s important relationship with devices in the treatment of diabetes.


Owen Mumford opens new factory premises in Oxford Street, Woodstock, England.

The company continues to manufacture anesthesia equipment while progressing into injection moulding for a wide variety of products.


In 1952, Ivan Owen and John Mumford establish a precision engineering business in a small lock-up garage owned by Ivan’s father near Oxford, England.

Owen Mumford’s first product is an improved version of the Macintosh Laryngoscope, closely followed by the Oxford Inflating Bellows, Radcliffe Humidifier and accessories for these products.

The manufacture of aluminium moulds for the local plastic injection moulding industry becomes part of Owen Mumford’s engineering activities.

Owen Mumford 1950