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United Kingdom

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I was scared when I first had to inject myself, but after the first injection using Unifine® Pentips®, I realised there was nothing to be frightened of as I didn't feel a thing...”

Unifine® Pentips® user

  1. Drug Delivery

    Drug Delivery

    Advanced automatic injection devices and pen
    needles for maximum comfort

    Autopen® UniGuard®
    Autoject® 2
    Unifine Pentips®
  2. Capillary Blood Sampling

    Capillary Blood Sampling

    Innovative blood sampling products for home and
    clinical use

    Unilet® Lancets
    Autolet® Impression
    Unistik® 2
    Unistik® 3
  3. Specialist Products

    Specialist Products

    Screening devices and products to help overcome
    sexual health problems

    Rapport™ Premier Neuropen®
    Rapport™ Classic Neurotips™
    Amielle Comfort
    Amielle Care
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WOBA 2014
West Oxfordshire Business Awards 2014

Another excellent business wins the Owen Mumford Innovation Award
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