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United Kingdom

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I was scared when I first had to inject myself, but after the first injection using Unifine® Pentips®, I realised there was nothing to be frightened of as I didn't feel a thing...”

Unifine® Pentips® user

  1. Drug Delivery

    Drug Delivery

    Advanced automatic injection devices and pen
    needles for maximum comfort

    Autopen® UniGuard®
    Autoject® 2
    Unifine Pentips®
  2. Capillary Blood Sampling

    Capillary Blood Sampling

    Innovative blood sampling products for home and
    clinical use

    Unilet® Lancets
    Autolet® Impression
    Unistik® 2
    Unistik® 3
  3. Specialist Products

    Specialist Products

    Screening devices and products to help overcome
    sexual health problems

    Rapport™ Premier Neuropen®
    Rapport™ Classic Neurotips™
    Amielle Comfort
    Amielle Care
    Report Rings


Owen Mumford wins HSBC International Business Award

At the recent Thames Valley Top 250 Business Awards evening, Owen Mumford was presented with the HSBC International Business Award and was also one of four companies shortlisted for the Blandy & Blandy Owner-Managed Business Award.
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