Rapport™ is a range of drug-free treatments for erectile dysfunction (ED). The range includes two vacuum pumps: Rapport Classic™ and Rapport Premier™, and also the Rapport™ Rings loading system for men who just want to maintain their erection.

Rapport™ Classic is a conventional vacuum therapy system that can be used alone or together with Rapport™ Rings for men who need help to maintain an erection. This system is also helpful in cases of premature ejaculation, as the ring will maintain the erection until it is removed.

With its unique and natural pumping action, Rapport™ Premier creates a vacuum around the penis, quickly producing a satisfactory erection, which can be maintained for up to thirty minutes at a time.


  • Non-drug therapy and therefore no contraindications with other medications
  • Applied externally and therefore non-invasive
  • Cost effective
  • May be used for all types of ED including psychological causes
  • Can be used in conjunction with other therapies to enhance the erection

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