Autolet Impression®

Improved comfort

Autolet® Impression is an advanced lancing device designed to provide maximum comfort and control when obtaining a blood sample at home, work and in non-clinical settings. Designed to be easy and comfortable to use, it encourages regular glucose testing and management of blood sugar levels.

Incorporating Owen Mumford’s unique Comfort Zone Technology® (CZT), Autolet® Impression masks the sensation of pain to make for a more comfortable sampling experience.

Autolet® Impression offers 21 settings, allowing the user to select the combination that delivers the correct blood volume first time. Seven depth settings and three force settings allow exact adjustment for all skin types and sampling requirements.

With its ergonomic design and large activtation button, Autolet® Impression has been developed to be simple to use, even for users with reduced dexterity.

The range of lancet designs and needle specifications allows the user to select the most suitable lancet for their needs.

The Autolet® Impression is compatible with most capillary blood lancing devices.


  • Provides maximum comfort during blood sampling using Comfort Zone Technology® to mask the pain of the lancet pricking the skin
    Choose the right setting to deliver the right blood sample volume first time, every time
  • Easy to use, even for users with reduced dexterity