Autolet Impression®

Comfortable and personalized blood glucose monitoring

Autolet® Impression is a blood glucose lancing device designed to provide comfort and control when obtaining a blood sample.

Autolet® Impression offers 21 settings, allowing you to select the combination that delivers the correct blood volume  first time. Seven depth settings and three force settings allow you to precisely adjust the device for your needs, creating a personalised experience.

The device incorporates Comfort Zone Technology®, which simply means when you press the lancet against the skin, the eight raised dots on the end of the device sends a message of comfort to the brain, masking the pain sensation created by the needle1. This has been designed for a more comfortable blood sampling experience.

The Autolet® Impression is compatible with most capillary blood lancing devices.†


  • Precise adjustments. To achieve optimal blood flow and comfort, Autolet® Impression offers 21 settings, allowing users to make precise adjustments for a personal experience.1. Melzack, R. and Wall, P. (1982).  The Challenge of Pain. England: Penguin Books.
    † Exept Roche Multiclix and Solftclix Pus, LifeScan OneTouch Delica, Nipro TrueDraw.